by HCH HEADQUARTERS, March 1, 2016

Vendor Spotlight: Shine Papers

Enjoy one of the world’s finest luxuries at your fingertips – Shine Papers – the first ever, 24 karat gold rolling papers. These show-stopping, head-turning papers burn extremely slow, and leave a little gold dust behind in your ashtray (aw, pretty). Don’t try to pawn your sparkly ashes though – real talk (it won’t work).

The idea blossomed after a hazy blaze in the peak hours of a Vegas trip. ‘Smoking gold’ is awesome, but how could they share the wealth? Everybody should be able to roll up to a party with a little bit of bling in their fingers.

After brainstorming, blunts and product development, they started to experiment. Many tests, and a lot of gold ashes later, they found the perfect blend: a mix of edible gold on the outside, and consistent burning paper on the inside. Boom! A solid gold baby was born. The final product burned even better and longer than its predecessors, and left a magnificent gold dust in its wake.

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate all of life’s highs! High Country Healing is proud to carry Shine Papers, and now exclusively stocks the Gold Rush Edition Mini-J in their flagship Silverthorne and Eagle-Vail locations. You cannot find gold minis anywhere else in the state! Shop all of the gold products here. Click the link to our website to pick your buds, and view more of our product.

Shine on, friends!

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