1st Place Winner: Grow Off 2017


Colorado’s Grow-Off is like Iron Chef for marijuana, a competition to find out whose prowess reigns supreme under controlled conditions. Instead of receiving the same theme ingredient (i.e. pork), 40+ growers throughout Colorado received an identical clone of a mystery cannabis strain.

Without knowing the strain’s genetics, each of these growers spent six months nursing their clone from veg to flower to harvest. The harvest date was at the growers’ discretion, and varied from grow to grow depending on when the plant went into bloom. Once harvested, entries were submitted for judging on three factors: yield (weight in grams), potency (THC %) and flavor (Terpene %). – marijuana.com

Best of Vail: Dispensary

It’s clear there’s something different about High Country Healing from the moment you walk in the door. There, to the left of the check-in desk, are floor-to-ceiling windows revealing perfectly manicured, almost-ready-to-harvest plants, labeled by strain and begging to be gawked at. And, yes, pictures are encouraged.

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HCH ALMA: HIGH TIMES Magazine’s most featured dispensary.

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“In Colorado ski country, the hydro gardens of High Country Healing supply stoners nationwide with high flying buds.”


If you go the dispensary route, the staff at High Country Healing will help get you lifted affordably.

Dope Directory

If you’re a resident of the Summit County region, or are simply passing through on your way to hit the slopes, check out High Country Healing for the perfect balance of cost, character, and caliber.

The Cannabist

Smoker Supply Kit: Pack this essential gear for high hiking

Pot Barons

Nick Brown owns the High Country Healing cannabis dispensaries. With 4 locations in Summit County, Colorado, Brown is seeking to expand while fielding substantial buyout offers.

Summit Daily

Joe Lindsey, director of customer relations at High Country Healing gives  Summit County First Responders a crash course in cannabis safety.

The Summit Daily

HCH wins first in inaugural Grow Off competition

Vail Mag

Cannabis Meets Cocktails in a New Weed Pairing Menu

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High Country Healing

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