Philip Wolf Helps to Plan Your Next Meal

Philip Wolf Helps to Plan Your Next Meal

by HCH HEADQUARTERS, May 20, 2016


Written on May 18, 2016 by Michelle Slieff for

MERRY JANE: Can you talk about what your role as a voice of authority in the cannabis industry, when it comes to cannabis and food pairing?

Phillip Wolf: I got into the cannabis space in 2009. I opened one of the first dispensaries in Colorado Springs when the medical boom hit Colorado after the Colorado Department of Public Health Environment changed regulations to really allow this industry to thrive.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.25.37 PMI folded my equity in that company and moved up to Summit County where I started grow operations for High Country Healing, which is becoming one of the more well-known dispensaries in the state, and then branched off and started doing grow consulting with different dispensaries and caregivers. I kind of got stuck in a spot, I needed to go back to school and further my science behind growing.

I met a Wall St. investor who really needed someone who knew the ins and outs of the cannabis industry. He moved out here to Colorado shortly after it was voted legal in 2012 and dropped everything out in New York. We started working on ancillary businesses together, one of those being tourism, and he started the second cannabis tourism company behind my 420 Tours, which was called Spiro. It was a typical grow tour, and somewhat elementary to what I thought cannabis could bring.

3I was at a wine tasting in Barcelona and I was on this beautiful plantation out there and thought this is what the cannabis industry needs. I came back from that trip, walked away from multiple equities in different companies, and started Cultivating Spirits about two years ago with the concept of food, wine, and cannabis tours.

We started developing the concept and really started looking at cannabis and food pairings. As I started doing it, I started learning about terpenes. Once I started learning more about terpenes I really started to see the legitimacy in what we are creating, because we started pairing the terpene profiles or flavor profiles, of cannabis with food.

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