PRESS: The Guardian – Cooking With Cannabis

PRESS: The Guardian – Cooking With Cannabis

by HCH HEADQUARTERS, April 29, 2016

High Country Healing  Was featured on The Guardian today, Friday April 9th 2016, in a piece by Jonathan Thompson.

In the two years since Colorado legalized cannabis, chefs in the state have been finding new ways to make a meal of it.

Our friends over at Cultivating Spirits are also mentioned.

Read the excerpt below and make sure you click through to read the whole article.


As a chef, I take cannabis as seriously as any other ingredient. That means you have to know and work with your supplier. I have a fish guy, a meat guy and a weed guy.”

One of the most popular “weed guys” in these parts is Nick Brown, whose company High Country Healing supplies a number of Colorado chefs with cannabis. Based in the heart of Silverthorne, Brown runs what might be described as a psychodelicatessen, with thousands of plants growing in carefully controlled rooms. “We’ve gone through 350 strains since we started, and now we’ve perfected it down to 50,” says the 32-year-old Princeton graduate, who has more than 30 staff on his payroll. “Every strain is grown differently, from the pH levels of their water to the type of fertilizer we use, the temperature, lighting, fans, even the music we play to them.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.25.37 PMBrown takes me into the “flowering room”, a lush, luminescent jungle where huge Mesozoic-style marijuana plants sway gently to the beats of Warren G and Nate Dogg. “The foodies tend to gravitate towards fruitier strains like Tangerine Flo and Grape Ape,” he says, guiding me, Dr Livingstone-style, through his forest.

Brown left a successful career in property for this, and it seems he made a shrewd investment. Despite footing electricity bills of more than $20,000 a month for the hydroponic lights and industrial fans, business is buzzing. “We’re seeing 200 to 300 customers a day and it really is every walk of life. People just pour out of the cannabis closet when they come to Colorado.”

Several of his customers are entrepreneurs, such as Philip Wolf, who set up Cultivating Spirits, offering private food and wine cannabis pairing evenings. Wolf, a very chilled 30-year-old Texan with a long, blond ponytail, describes his upscale soirees, which include a chauffeur-driven limo to and from his private restaurant for five-course meals, as “curated cannabis experiences”.

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